Slope 2

Slope 2 is a game of driving the ball in endless space. Maintain concentration, control the ball when moving through slopes, and conquer the longest path. It features the classic endless ball-rolling gameplay and adds exhilarating challenges.

Slope 2 Game Overview

Slope game is a game of controlling the ball through the vortexes of the platform to reach the furthest distance. This ball racing game has become a favorite for millions of players around the world. Slope 2 is a fantastic sequel. Compared to the original version, it takes the classic gameplay to new heights. More challenges, power-ups, enhanced visuals, and smooth controls are added!

Genres: Endless running, Ball Rolling

Platforms: PC, Android, iOS

How to Play Slope 2 Game

Slope 2

Basic rules:

The objective is to navigate the ball along ever-changing slopes, and avoid colliding obstacles or falling off the edge. Try your best to achieve the highest score.

To lead the ball the farthest, players must try to keep it balanced when moving over all platforms.

Follow a straight line in space, and steer the ball left or right with the aim of avoiding obstacles. There are different obstacles, such as red blocks, and deadly red walls.

The tilt and width of the slopes constantly change, which requires players to be willing to adapt to control the ball and not slide off the slopes. Avoid falling off the slopes because that will lead to the end.

Updated with new power-ups and levels!

In comparison to Slope, this sequel does a really good job of introducing a new concept. That's powerups! With the gems you've earned, you can head to the Shop and buy Shields, Gem Magnet, and x2 Gems. Those are fantastic additions that bring a new experience and fun to the game. With Shield, you won't be afraid of hitting obstructions. And with the gem magnet, you don't have to move all over the place to collect gems. Or you can buy x2 gems to double the gems you've collected.

There are also levels in the game. And the difficulty is taken to a new height as you reach a new level.


Press the A/left arrow key to steer to the left.

Press the D/right arrow key to steer to the right.

Player Ratings

Slope 2 has received many good reviews from famous game magazines. It is considered a great sequel with high-speed gameplay and great visuals. Many players are attracted by the concept of claiming the best score. They find that this sequel can keep them hooked for hours because of its challenge and replayability. 

Features of the Slope 2 game

Stunning visuals: The futuristic space setting is impressive. As players race down the ever-changing slope, they're treated to a mesmerizing display of vibrant colors and smooth animations. This brings a sense of immersion!

Endless rolling track: The course is endless. And players need to keep trying to set a new record.

Impressive soundtrack: The soundtrack perfectly fits the high-speed action gameplay. 

New challenges: Compared to the original game, this version adds more challenges to test your skills!

Power-ups: The power-ups increase the gaming experience. Try it and discover what it offers!

Tips and Tricks

Maintain focus on ball control and balance when navigating downhill.

Anticipate the terrain and slope ahead to plan to avoid obstacles or falling off the edge. A small adjustment in tilt and direction makes big changes.

Persistent practice is the key that will lead you to a higher position. The hand speed matters. When you fall off the pedestal, don't worry, and start again right away. Fix the mistakes from the previous time and go further. 

Slope 2 demands players to have both skills and quick reflexes. The challenges presented by the endless challenges and twists and turns of the slope require laser-focused attention and lightning-fast reactions. A single misstep can send the player tumbling down. The desire to beat their personal best score drives players to push their limits time and time again.


How to get a high score in Slope 2?

Focus on navigating the ball and practicing good technique to score high scores.

How do I play the Slope Unblocked game?

You won't have to waste time downloading the game to your device because you can play Slope Unblocked on our website.

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Slope Game challenges players to control the ball over all obstacles and balance on the slope. Fast-paced and addictive mechanics draw you deep into your passion for breaking existing record scores. Slope 2 offers stunning visuals, smooth controls, and thrilling ball-rolling challenges. It's updated with various power-ups! If you are a fan of endless runner games, you will surely love Slope 2 game. 

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